Floor Lamps

Floor lamps play an important role in updating and showing off our interior design in our homes, as well as providing functionality when lighting up a particular area. Floor lamps look amazing when placed near a table or chair to provide that extra beam of light, and can be a superb accessory to that dark corner to brighten it up. One of the added benefits of having a floor lamp is that they don’t cast shadows either like wall lights and ceiling lights, which makes them the perfect solution for reading, our range of mother and child floor lamps are particularly good for this use.

Floor lamps are conveniently designed to be placed anywhere in a room, and don’t have to be permanently fitted so you can move them as you please. This means that if you want to redesign your home in the future, you will be able to conveniently place floor lamps wherever you want to.

At Solihull Lighting there are a wide range of types, styles, finishes and colours of floor lamps that you can browse through and buy online with free delivery on orders over £49. Some of our most popular brands such as Mantra and Searchlight offer floor lamps that add to our amazing collection here at Solihull Lighting. Browse through and see the entire collection of modern and traditional floor lamps available in store and online.