Light Bulbs

Solihull Lighting has a brilliant and diverse range of light bulbs, perfect for all the different types of fittings that we provide. The most energy efficient bulb that is constantly growing more and more popular is LED, not only do they produce an astonishing amount of light, they save energy up to 80% compared to other halogen or filament bulbs. For example, the LED GU10 bulb comes in a collection of colours suitable for all lighting needs. These flawless modern bulbs last for 35000 hours, making them one of the most long lasting bulbs to exist. Alongside LED bulbs, halogen bulbs are another alternative to save energy and to create an excellent amount of light for any space. Solihull Lighting are also proud to stock a range of more traditional styled bulbs in a variety of shapes, such as candle, golf ball and GLS.