Table Lamps

Solihull Lighting know that most people prefer using table lamps to cater to their lighting needs. If you're looking for that little bit of light when you're reading before bed or if you're simply looking for something to put upon your favorite surface, we have the perfect table lamp for you. Modern table lamps are forever growing in popularity. For example, this 1610BK black mirrored table lamp is the perfect and ideal piece for any contemporary setting. We also offer a fantastic assortment of touch lamps, ready to cycle through different light output with only a single touch. This 1811CL Chrome and frosted glass touch lamp is ideal for any lighting needs. Another great way to add a touch of light to the side of your child's bed if they don't want to be in complete darkness. The Tiffany range has also proved popular when it comes to their table lamps. This 1287 Dragonfly Table lamp creates a warm glow of colours, perfect for a traditional setting. Lots of our table lamps also come with handy switches to allow for ease of access.